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Immigration Snippets

Here we are helping you with our Snippets section we post information from various resources like the USCIS throughout our website to help you understand the immigration process. Our goal is to have you as informed as possible to make the best decisions. 

Requirements for K1 Fiance visa

Both of you intend to Marry within 90 days of your Fiance admission into the us. Note this is important as the clock starts ticking when the fiance passport is stamped. Meet each other within two years before filing the petition. Read full requirements for both Petitioner & K-1 Fiance for non-immigrant visa. 

Government Fee's K1 Fiance visa

Not only are there Fixed Government fees there are incidental fees along with requirement fees that you will need to factor into the process. We have listed them conveniently for you Click Fees for K-1 Fiance Visa

Requirements US Sponsor CR 1 Spousal visa

Must have your principal residence in the US. Must be at least eighteen (18) years old Read full requirements for both Petitioner & K-1 Fiance for non-immigrant visa. 

Government Fee's CR1 Spousal visa

Not only are there Fixed Government fees there are incidental fees along with requirement fees that you will need to factor into the process. We have listed them conveniently for you Click Fees for Cr-1 Spousal Visa  

What we due Visa Processing K1 Fiance Cr-1 Spousal

    We are a visa filing service that helps walk you through the immigration process both in the us and abroad. We are not affiliated with the US government, we are experts in helping you through the process with government regulations, paperwork and the processes that are required to get immigrant status in the US for a love one. This is a personal affair for you and your family we understand that as we the owners have been through the same process. We treat our customers as if they were one of our own. In fact most of our customers become friends and we along with our associates stay in touch with our clients/friends even after the process is complete. 

Why US

     We have been through this process ourselves, along with all of our associates who assist you in the process and are personally trained by the company in these processes. We are dedicated to you through out the visa process. Our goal is to have your Visa process go as smooth as possible from filing the petition to advice on your Embassy visa interview and questions. Along with having you understand your K1 fiance or CR1 spousal visa processing time, visa timeline and visa requirements. We help with K3 filings for children of foreign K1 fiance or CR-1 spouse. We have associates in five countries outside the us see map of associates and we work in all 50 states of the US. We are dedicated to you and your families success. We know that each persons circumstances is slightly different and you will have questions out of the ordinary. So don't hesitate to chat with us online, leave your question, email us and/or call we are here to help you.  

How we help you

     We provide all the forms that you will need electronically online in a easy, intuitive and comprehensive way to file your required paper work. You can save your work and fill in the information at your pace and even have your family / fiance help you with the information. You can acquire these forms yourself online at USGov. They are cumbersome, have specific procedures / processes to follow to the Tee and there is a big learning curve as with most Government procedures.

     The great news is we have made this process so easy with our Quick-Form online application. Its an  easy way to fill in yours and your love ones information, save your information and then let us handle the learning curve for you, which can take up vast amounts of your time. For an inexpensive fee we handle all of that process for busy people like yourself. Its the quickest and most comprehensive way to get your immigration / petitions started. 

How are we different

     Besides being the easiest, quickest, most intuitive and comprehensive immigration filing system on the net. We are not just a form filler we take you through the process from the beginning to the end. Our Hand-Holder-Service™ is not just filling out your forms and the process you will go through its also about the experience you will go through. The twist and turns the ongoing counselling at every turn in the process. No one else provides this quality service out there and we are still as competitive as the other agencies with our pricing. You become our customer, treated like family, until the process is over and then you become friends for life. We really do want to here from you and your journey even after the immigration process is complete. So we are not going anywhere for a long long time. Friend us on our facebook page ask questions or just stay in touch. 


24/7 Support

Whether your overseas in Asia -Southeast Asia or in the Americas we have associates in all those time zones to answer your questions. Manning the Chat, the phone or email.

Immigration process? K1_fiance_visa_us_visa_greencard.com

     Immigration to the US does not have to be a difficult process if you know how the process works. That comes with experience and having worked through the process. We at US Visa Green Card .com not only have the experience with K1 Fiance visas - Cr-1 Spousal Visas - IR5 Parent Visas we also take handle adjustment of status, removal of conditions and acquiring citizenship we not only handle your paper work we walk with you through the process from beginning to end. We have the most comprehensive online documentation system Quick-Form™ for all your visa needs.     We also are the only visa company that offer overseas Associate Concierger's to help walk you and/or your loved one through the process overseas.  Immagration process continued

K1 Visa What's the process? K1_fiance_visa_us_visa_greencard.com

     There are several intricate steps to acquiring your K1 and/or K2 Fiancee visa spanning over several months.  The information has to be precise and filed out  correctly to pass a reviewer upon receipt or you will receive all your documentation including payment un  cashed back from USCIS causing long delays in processing.      Luckily we have the solution we have built the most sophisticated online process to date on the internet with our quick form. Our quick form, segments out each part of the information needed to process your paperwork. Segmented out into digestible chunks you can easy save your entries and returen at your convenience to complete the information... See K1 Fiancee Visa Process continued

Cr-1 Spousal Visa the process?cr1_spousal_visa_us_visa_greencard

    A U.S Citizen that is legally married to an Alien Spouse and wishes to bring him or her to immigrate to the United States needs a CR-1 category visa, also known as a spousal visa. The CR-1 will designate your spouse in the United States as permanent residence for two years as a Green Card Holder at which time you will have to file for and adjustment of status family based. Common-law Spouses may qualify for spouses for immigration purposes depending to the law of the country where the common-law marriage occurs. Along with the CR-2 Visa the children of the immigrating spouse are also allowed to apply along with the immigrating spouse. The Alien Spouses child or children must be (under 21 and unmarried ) Read more on Cr-1 Spousal Visa requirements and process

Parent Visas which oneIR5_parent_visa_us_visa_greencard

     Parents who are Foreign nationals of US citizens are allowed to come to the US under a IR5 Parent Visa and acquire a green card. (This does not apply to Green Card holders just current US citizens) You can petition for your parents to come and live in the US. The requirements are as follows, you must be at least 21 years old and be a child of your parents.     This process takes about 6 to 8 months from beginning to end. Whether your parent is out side the US or inside the US we will be able to help you get all the correct paper work done for your parents Green Card. We will help you from the beginning to the end at a very low cost to you and a large piece of mind with our money back Guarantee. See Parent Visa

Removal of Conditionsremoval_us_visa_greencard

 If your visa has a conditional status, the condition must be removed / applied for change to non conditional this has to be done prior to when your conditional green card expires (its is recommended at least 90 days prior to expiration).     If you are a K1 fiance visa or a Cr1 spousal visa then your permanent residence status is conditional if it is based on a marriage that was less than 2 years old on the day you were given permanent residence. You are given conditional resident status on the day you are lawfully admitted to the United States on an immigrant visa or adjustment of your status to permanent residence... Read more on Removal of Conditions

Adjustment of Status

     If you are in the U.S on a visa,your status is non immigrant and you want to change to immigrant status to acquire a Green Card, you will have to file for change of status. Most immigrants become eligible for a green card (permanent residence) through a petition filed on your behalf by a family member or employer.     Others become permanent residents through first obtaining refugee or asylum status, or through a number of other special ways see link Other ways to obtain a green card We can certainly help you with getting your status changed in either case... Read Adjustment of Status

What we are not

     We are not licensed attorneys, and we do not provide any legal advice and/or legal services in any way as part as our service. Any information contained here, on our website or provided to our clients in any way is not intended as legal advice and/or services and is provided for general information only. Legal advice and questions on legal circumstances should be addressed to a licensed attorney if you have them. Whats the difference between your agency and attorney pertaining to filing the visa process. An attorney can represent you before USCIS. Your legal representative must file a Form G-28. 

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