Citizenship Through Naturalization

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     The United States has a long welcomed immigrants from all parts of the world. The ​United States​ values the contributions of immigrants who continue to enrich this country and the benefits they provide and the US provides to them. Listed are the differences between your Green card and you being a U.S Citizen.​

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Green Card Holder

Legal U.S Citizen


Can't Vote in Federal Elections

Vote in Federal elections​

Travel with a U.S. Passport​

Can travel outside U.S but run the risk of abandonment and loss of Green Card

Can travel freely in and out of the country for any length of time with loss of citizenship rights.

Participate on a jury​

Cannot participate on a Jury

Can participate on Jury both local and federal courts.

Become eligible for federal and certain law enforcement jobs​

You should apply Ninty (90) days before your green card expires to remove the conditional status.

You should apply Ninty (90) days before your green card expires to remove the conditional status.

Obtain certain State and Federal benefits not available to noncitizens​

Not eligible for some state or federal benefits, except child education

Eligible for all benefits that you qualify for as U.S citizen

Obtain citizenship for minor children born abroad

Cannot obtain citizen ship directly for minor born abroad

Can obtain citizenship for minor born abroad

Expand and expedite their ability to bring family members to the United States​.

Longer to process family members abroad.

Expand and expedite their ability to bring family members to the United States​.​


Can be deported for certain violation such as crimes

Cannot be deported

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