U.S Visa Green Card Associates

     We have US Visa Green Card Associates in over five country's and multiple cities in the Philippines. These associates are not only bilingual in English,  answer chat calls, help facilitate petitions, they also can act as concierge, helping ease the trials of vetting your visa process over seas by acquiring the nicest, most inexperience hotels in your price range, facilitating transportation for your loved one, being a guide, helper and companion during their visits to embassy's - medical requirements. Helping in acquiring certificates and even just as companion during the hectic time while in the host city. They can help to maneuver in country regulations and answer questions. We are a visa agency that helps walk you through the immigration process both in the us and abroad.

     We are not affiliated with the US government, we are experts in helping you through the process with government regulations, paperwork and the processes that are required to get immigrant status in the US for a love one.