You need to read this if you married in the Philippines! Get a Us Visa Green card Boston Suffolk County 2117

              Did you get married overseas in the Philippines? Do you need to bring your loved ones over to the US we can help? We provide the best and most accurate visa processing service and we Guarantee the result or your money back.  Boston Suffolk County 2117

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You need to read this if you married in the Philipines
You meet that special somebody the one last love you will ever have, so you want the shortest period to get them with you here in the US.

The process can be very confusing on both sides both of US side and the Philippines side. It is not just the paperwork that you have to navigate through but the process in both countries with the agencies you will be dealing with. Navigating through these agencies and their process is something only experience can help guide you through. Each person’s circumstance has some peculiarity with the paperwork that we have the experience to untangle these issues for a smooth experience and providing your loved one with the path to the US.

The K1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa, meaning you can petition your fiancee to obtain fiancee visa status for three months with the goal of marriage to you a US citizen. Combined with the K2 Visa for the fiancee children this grouping of visa was intended to increase the immigration process and getting your fiance to the united states for marriage.

Whether it’s a fiance or spouse for those that have already married, we will fill out all the paperwork correctly provide the step by step guidance through the process collecting the proper documents that you will need, timelines for proper submittal to agencies in their required formats for submittal of all the documents. Both on the US side and on the Philippine side.

Whatever issues may arise is that of documentation, timelines, government agencies paperwork or just the conversation on how things go and flow during the process. We are there 24 x 7 from the beginning all the way through to the end. Including the Port of Entry of your loved one into the USA. We are there even after the arrival for any questions on what is required of the new US visa holder.

Whether you’re just starting or in the middle of the maze give us a call at 713-510 4003 or go to our website at Here you can sign up for a free membership and get started without any payment we have online forms to help you start the process and gather your necessary documents and of course call us with any questions.

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