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Whats the difference between Fiance/Spousal visa's

A Fiance Visa know as a K-1 visas is filed with US Immigration service. This visa is the fastest easy way to get your fiance into the US. Usually three to four months. You must agree to marry with in Ninety days from the date of issuance of the visa by the US Embassy. This is done under a non-immigrant visa which you will have to change to a permanent resident visa after your marriage through an adjustment of status which you will be petitioning for permanent resident and a conditional Green card.  A Spousal visa or CR-1 conditional immigrant visa is for those that are already married before their alien spouse is in the US. There are conditions on both visas which you can view here  Fiance Visa Requirements  -  Spousal Vis Requirements


Visa Application

What about children of my Alien Fiance / Wife ?

Does your Fiance or wife already have a child which are not yours by birth. In both types of visas it totally customary to petition along with your significant other for your alien fiance or spouse and their children. We will help you with all the paper work and processes necessary to bring all of your together. This is all done on the Visa Application paperwork.

Citizenship and Immigration

How can you help me and my Fiance / Spouse ?

We know the process and can help you through the process. We not only fill out your forms properly and package your petition correctly we guide your through the whole process in the US and overseas. Signup for free membership Guest Account pick which petition you are requesting.

Form I-129f - I-130

What forms do I need ?

There are different forms for each of the two visas Form I-129f for the non-immigrant fiance visa and form I-130 for CR-1 Spousal alien relative. We provide through our service an easy and intuitive form process online that you can access 24/7 which easiest way to start either of the visa processes. Get a Free Guest account and start your forms processing immediately.  Free Membership Guest Account

Gov Fees For I-129f - I-130

How much are the Gov Fees ?

For each filing of the I-129 and I-130  you will pay Government Fee ( see our List of fees for k-1 visa ) which is non refundable to the Government. That is why it is necessary to make sure your petition is filled out correctly and all the required documents are sent in the proper format.

Permanent Resident

Will this lead to a Green card ?

Yes both visa processes K-1 fiance visa and CR-1 Spousal visa are a path to obtaining a green card adn the right to work in the USA. The K-1 requires you to do a Adjustment of Status to your path for a green card. We handle this process also for you who need it. A spousal visa will be a green card once you enter into the POE (Port of Entry) in the US. Visa Application

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the requirements for approval of the fiance visa?

Fiance Visa

1. Petioner mus b e a Us Citizen 2. You must Marry your fiance with in 90 days of entry into the US 3. Must be legally able to marry both you and your fiancee 4. Have physically met with in 2 yrs of application. 5. Fiance must pass a medical check 6. Both must have no disqualifying Criminal history

What if we don't have pictures from when we met?

Fiance Visa & Spousal Visa

Pictures tell a thousand words is the old saying. Although it is not required by law that you have a picture taken for prove it is one of the best pieces of evidence that you met. Having pictures time stamped and with background captures to your surroundings like airport signs of your fiance country is great. You can provide many pieces of evidence other than pictures such as. Hotel receipts - flight boarding passes - cab receipts - train receipts - retail and Credit card receipts.

How long will the Fiance Visa or the Spousal Visa process take..

Fiance Visa & Spousal Visa

The whole process is done in stages do to the Gov process. From beginning to end if the process is followed correctly and all the paper work is filled out properly and organized correctly with all items required the k1 Fiance Visa usually takes 3-7 months. If you are filing for Cr-1 Spousal visa takes 6 to 9 months. The key is to have all the proper paper work and requirements gathered and lined up from the start so there are no issues causing delays. We find the hardest part is gathering and keeping the information organized, filing out the forms and following the gov process to the tee and having the experience of how each stage in the process works. The great thing is that we have solved all these problems for you by having the quickest most comprehensive and concise easy online information assistant to help stream line the process for you. You can start providing information immediately by getting a Free Membership and go to our Quick Forms filing out your information as you go along and need to gather information you can save your work come back at anytime adding gathered information, both you and your fiance can enter the information from anywhere in the world at anytime day or night. Our online forms are quick and easy to use. Remember where not only setting up you forms to make sure of your success we are walking with you through the process from beginning to end. No one else provides the same service that we do anywhere.

Which visa should I choose to bring my fiance here and which visa if I am already married to my alien spouse.

Fiance Visa & Spousal Visa

As a US Citizen you have the write to partition for someone overseas that you either intend to Marry or are already Married to. If you intent to marry in the US you have to utilize the K1 process which allows you to obtain a non resident visa for you fiance. You then have 90 days from day of entry into the US, in which to marry and change their status to a permanent resident. This is the quickest way to get your fiance into the country. If you are already married to a non us citizen you can apply for a Cr1 visa.

What if my fiance visits me here as a tourist and we marry

Fiance Visa & Spousal Visa

Knowingly and willingly entering in the US on a tourist visa with the intent on staying is illegal subject to deportation. If this happens there is a good chance that that person once broken the law and deported will be barred from reentering the us even by legal means. You may marry that person while here but they will have to leave before there tourist visa is up and you will have to go through the CR-1 Spousal Visa process to petition for your wife / husband to enter the us legally.

You say your assistants with the visa is "beginning to end" what does that mean

Fiance Visa & Spousal Visa

Yes unlike all other service that we have surveyed we are the only ones that provide this service. What is meant by that is the following. Most companies provide you the filled out paper work for your visa, common information such as possible questions asked. We provide much more, not only do we provide your forms filled out and properly organized to present to the agencies we provide step by step consultation. From what to expect on sending in your paper work. To when you get your letters and the support continues on what to expect when going to your medical, what happens if your test are negative, what to do how to handle it. What will happen in the interview, what the process is how to handle the process, when to expect your social security number, when and how to apply for your green card. Our Manila service platinum even provides hotel stay by the embassy and a tour of manual for your fiance to take the edge of the process. If you have children coming what to expect for school, immunization. For married cr1 we also prepare your paper work for filling your spouse and children as a non resident alien on your taxes to take advantage of tax savings. Most times those saving can result in thousand of dollars that could equal all your expenditures including travel. If you are a CR1 candidate don't loose out on those benefits. Again we are the only service that provides this a a very low reasonable cost.

Is my fiance able to work before or after we get married

Fiance Visa & Spousal Visa

No they will not be able to work until you are married as you have to apply for a EAD Employment Authorization Documents Form I-766 which you can only do after you are married. The EAD Employment Authorization Documents are for workers that have been granted permission to work in the us on temporary visa usually through an employer. CR-1 permanent resident visa / Green card holders are permitted to work.

When my fiance comes to the US, my fiance and I want to get married in a different state than were I currently live.

Fiance Visa & Spousal Visa

You can get married anywhere after your fiance has entered into the poe (port of entry) but not before on a k1 visa.

When can my fiance travel to the US after she receives their visa

Fiance Visa

Immediatly apon reciept, they have upto 6 months to come to the us and marry you but it must be with in the 90 days after entering the POE.

Can I reapply if I have been denied the first time.

Fiance Visa & Spousal Visa

Yes you can reapply usually because the denial circumstance has changed.

Will I need to higher an attorney.

Fiance Visa & Spousal Visa

That is up to the individual and their circumstances. The visa process is an administrative process. It is not a legal process. You will either qualify or not qualify. The difference is the amount of service, experience and cost. Most if not all attorneys service are three to five times the cost with very little hands on attention to details of the process just filling out the forms. There is no legal proceeding, judge or influence an attorney can make in the process.

So say you guarantee the visa or money back. Does that include my visa fees payed to the Gov

Fiance Visa & Spousal Visa

No the Guarantee is for our service or your money back. Unless you are denied because of false statments, you dont qualify or criminal background issues. The Gov fees that acommpany the filings are paid to the gov and are not refundable.

How long and when will my k1 visa expire.

Fiance Visa

K1 visa is good for 6 months, the approval is around 4 months and the time period to get married is 90 days

How long does it take before the uscis cashes my check for my petition?

Fiance Visa & Spousal Visa

The check will be cashed right away if the reviewer does not see any issues with the petition. If for instance the signature is in the wrong place the whole packet including the checks marked void will be sent back to you.

What will my visa look like?

What if my petition is denied.

Fiance Visa & Spousal Visa

The appeal process is included on the denial letter. It will tell you to file form I-290b Notice of Appeal or Motion. You have up to 33 days to file your appeal with the USCIS. You must send that appeal directly to the office that denied your appeal

I decided to marry another us citizen and not my original petitioner is that possible

Fiance Visa

NO the petitioner is the only one you can marry under that petitions it is not transferable. Your new fiance will have to file and you must leave the country and start the process over.

Can a person be barred from acquiring a us visa because of aids?

Fiance Visa & Spousal Visa

NO the HIV denial has been removed as a reason / condition from barring someone from the process as of January 2010 HIV testing is no longer required as being part of your medical exam check. If some of the older forms still have this question you are not liable to answer yes you can answer no to having aids.

Which cities can my alien fiance or spouse enter into?

Fiance Visa & Spousal Visa

You can enter any POE (point of entry) the first airport you land in will be your point of entry. The airlines that you travel on will have the routs and connecting flights and there will be facilities for immigration for international flights.

What do i do when I arrive at my POE and what to expect?

Fiance Visa & Spousal Visa

As a foreign traveler you will be entering in through immigration. You will provide the sealed envelope to immigration they will open it and check the contents are in order ( that why it is sealed don't open it before its very important) They will stamp your passport and attache the I-94 to your passport. The I-94 is very important make sure never loose it and it does not get detached from your passport. You may or may not be asked a few questions by the immigration officer but it is just routine you are already cleared with your documents.

How many times can I use a k-1 visa.

Fiance Visa

You are allowed to file one every two years with a total of two in a lifetime. After that you would have to get married overseas and file a CR-1 spousal visa petition.

What if i get my visa package back completed from you and I find a mistake.

Fiance Visa & Spousal Visa

If we have made the mistake from the information you entered we will fix it and send you another one electronically. (this is very rare since your information provided is electronic.) We know that this can be an exhaustive process so you can save and review your information as many times as you like. If you need to make changes after you receive the finished forms because your information you provided has changed or incorrect, we will change the information for you up to two times as a courtesy. Our competitors require another fee. We understand things happen and it is a long process but we are with you all the way unlike other visa processing companies. We limit it to two times to put some boundaries around constant changes after the document service has been provided.

Should I use a certified professional document translation service

Fiance Visa & Spousal Visa

You can have anyone help you translate for you. We have associates that can help out with translation if available. We have associates in serveral countries to help our with the translation at no extra charge if necessary

During the fiance interview must the children be present.

Fiance Visa & Spousal Visa

All children listed on the I-129 or I-130 must be in attendance at the embassy interview

Do the children on the K-1 have to accompany the parent fiance to the visit for marriage in the us

Fiance Visa

the children that are listed on the I-129 do not have to accompany the fiance on the visit to the US

If i have to leave before i get married for an emergency can i reenter the us before the 90 days

Fiance Visa

Normally the k-1 is a single entry a 6 month period but the consular officer may issue a new k-1 visa but only if its with in the 90 days marriage period allowed.

What are the requirements for approval of the Spousal visa?

Spousal Visa

1. Petitioner must be 18 years of age. 2. Both must be leagally married to each other. 3. Must be US citizen or have a valid green card. 4. Petitioner must meet income requirements. 5. Alien Spouse must pass a medical check 6. Both must have no disqualifying Criminal history


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