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Quick easy Snapshot of the K-1 Fiancee visa process.


Visa Quick Notes

US Visa

How to acquire a Us Visa

A acquiring a Us Visa is the first step to bringing your loved ones from overseas to the US. From there you seek a US Green card for permanent residence in the US with the right to work in this great country. We help you in the whole process from beginning to Finance Visa Requirements  Spousal Visa Requirementso end. 

Visa Application

Filing a Visa Application ?

Filing a Visa Application can be a long and complex process as you are doing this for the first and in most cases the only time. All the particulars in questions and packaging of your information has to be precise and complete or your application could be rejected. We have been through the process many times and can help in negotiating through the process along with how the experience even overseas will go for your loved one. We help in walking your through all those issues as well.

Citizenship and Immigration

Is there Citizenship down the road  ?

Yes there is, the first steps are to acquire a visa and a green card the sooner you do the sooner the clock count down to citizenship begins. We are here to help you on your way not just filing out and filing your petitions. Sign up for Free Membership Guest Account pick which petition you are requesting.

Gov Fees

Are Gov Fees Refundable ?

No Government fees are not refundable so it is very important to have all your petition and the paperwork you will need to bundle with that petition properly formatted and correct.

Permanent Resident

What is permanent Residence ?

Permanent residence is the status you will achieve after the visa process is complete. This gives you the ability to travel out of the US with out worries of not getting back in. Gives your the right to work in the US. Permanent Residence gives you piece of mind about your status living and residing in the US.

Get your Green Card:  Start - file a petition with USCIS

     Application filed by the U.S Citizen sponsor (Petitioner) I-129F petition for foreign Fiancée mailed to USCIS.

First communique from USCIS

Notice of Action (Letter 1):This is the first email received, a NOTICE OF ACTION letter from USCIS that will inform the U.S Citizen petitioner that the application/documents are received. It also informs you which USCIS SERVICE CENTER will be reviewing your case.

Second communique from USCIS

Notice of Action (Letter 2):Takes about 1 -6 months reviewing the case by the USCIS service Center after filling the petition. A NOTICE OF ACTION (LETTER 2) your case has been approved or Request for Evidence (RFE) is requested by the USCIS and you must comply, If your case is approved your case will be forwarded on to the Department of State, National Visa Center (NVC). From here you will receive a welcome letter mailed to  both you the petitioner and your fiancée from NVC with instructions. If your case is RFE you will be asked for additional documents or evidence that will prove that your relationship is legitimate.

Visa current status:

At NVC:        case are still sitting at their office.
In Transit:    case / paperwork is being deliverd to U.S Embassy
READY:        case / paperwork are received by the U.S Embassy

To pay for VISA FEE

     To pay for your Visa Fee bring MRV slip (came with your NVC letter) , passport and money to the bank in your country. You For validation of the receipt takes about 4-8 hours or longer so just be patience if you cannot get right away. Http://www.ustraveldocs.com

Going to the interview U.S EMBASSY

     You/Fiancée will received a U.S EMBASSY LETTER with instruction on how to schedule an appointment for U.S embassy interview and Medical exam.

Getting your Medical Exam

     The fiancée has to first get his or her medical exam before the interview at the U.S Embassy. You will pay a medical fee usually paid in local currency. The medical fee amount will vary depending on the location see medical fees. xxx. Once you have the medical result DO NOT OPEN the package they give you it must stay sealed when you present it to the Embassy Consol.


     Before going to the Embassy interview you must prepare the documents you will need. Such as your passport, medical results, legal documents and any evidence that will prove that the relationship is real See list of prove. For those who have k2 on all ages, even ( xxxx 1 month old) they must be present with you on the day interview. The U.S citizen petitioner does not need to be present for the interview. On the day of the interview the consular will let you know if your Visa is approved or denied. You can check your visa status here http;// www.ceac.state.gov will state on their.


     Takes about 7-10 working days to deliver your Visa via courier, the visa place on the the passport and with the yellow envelope, DO NOT OPEN the packet should be stil sealed when u bring to (POE) Port of Entry. Note: Do not book any airline flight as long as the visa is not yet on hand. Visa has expiration 6 months used before enter the United States.

THE Big Day the Wedding

      Fiancée visa allows you to stay 90 days in United States which starts upon arrival in the (POE) PORT OF ENTRY. The petitioner must marry his or her fiancé within 90 days else the fiancé must leave in the United Sates. The beneficiary (fiancé) will only be allowed to marry person who petitioned him or her. After the wedding in United States you can file adjustment of Status for your fiancé permanent green card for two years. (We also provide the adjustment of status service online for a minimal fee) xxxx mae

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