Directions K1 visa prep

Use this fiance visa checklist to prepare for your k-1 visa I-129f  filing with the USCIS.. Print o the check list and attach it to your files and check off each item as you complete it. This will help you in preparation for the  successful filing of your K1 Visa USA green card petition.


Greencard_checklistYour K1 Complete Checklist

US_Visa_Greencard_checklist2Proof of Relationship / Things to do when you visit your Fiance

1. US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Keep your boarding pass both to and from your fiancé
2  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Retain all your receipts hotel - restaurants - cabs - resorts
3  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Take photos together with your fiancé use time stamp on your camera
4  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Take photos with fiancé, yourself and family using timestamp on camera
5  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Take pictures of you your fiancé at landmarks distinguishing country

US_Visa_Greencard_checklist2Your I-129F USCIS Filing

1  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp USCIS Preparation Checklist
2  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Form I-129f completed and signed
3  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Form G-325A (petitioner & alien beneficiary) one for each fiancé & each child
4  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Form G-1145 notice by email
5  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Cover letter (properly formatted)
6  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Intent to marry Letter signed by Petitioner / Beneficiary
7  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Proof of meeting within 2 years ( receipt / time stamped pics / boarding pass / country stamp passport.
8  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Proof of US Citizenship (copy of Passport / notarized or state seal birth certificate petitioner
9  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Proof of all previous marriages dissolved / ended by divorce decree / Death Certificate
10US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Legal proof of name change if applicable
11US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Any evidence of police & court convictions (certified copies in accordance with IMBRA regulations)
12US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Send either certified / tracking number by USPO or currier service  xxxxxxxxxxxx

US_Visa_Greencard_checklist2Fiancé Online

1  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp ds-160 form  NVC
2  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Fiancé passport with min 6 months from expiration
3  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Any legal divorce documents if your fiancé was previously married
4  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Police Clearance from the country of birth and/or clearance from country last lived/ worked 6 months
5  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Medical exam and vaccinations

US_Visa_Greencard_checklist2Petitioner Filing

1  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp File (I-134) Evidence of financial support
2  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Evidence of relationship (chat logs - time stamped pictures - xxxx)
3  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Passport Photos provide 2 photos must be exactly us passport specifications
4  US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_emp Embassy Fee $340


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