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K-1 Fiance visa Requirements In-depth

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Why a K-1 Fiance Us Visa

A K-1 Fiance visa are the fastest way to get your loved one over to the US. They are non-immigrant visa which are more restrictive until conditions are met to change restrictions Fiance Visa Requirements                                      Spousal Visa Requirements.


Visa Application

K-1 Fiance Visa Application

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Citizenship and Immigration

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The petitioner of a K1 visa must be

     Age 18 and US citizen: Green card holders are not eligible for K1 they can be eligible for a
Spousal Visa CR1 

Be Legally Married to Your Spouse

     If you as the US petitioner has been married before they have to submit prove that the previous marriage or marriages have been legally terminated by divorce, death or an annulment. You will have to provide the legal documents in each case of divorce, death or annulment.

Couples have to prove that they have met in person

     You must meet the requirement that you have met your fiancé with in the two year period prior to filing. This must be physically in person. Nothing short of traveling to met your fiancé is what the uscis requires. Note Exception is if you can prove that meeting would put you in a dangerous and harmful way you maybe except from this requirement but it is extremely rare.

 You must show intention to marry with in 90 days of arrival

     This can be satisfied by personal effects to our handy check list to see a full list such as engagement ring, pictures together, travel receipt, chat logs, joint bank accounts, family pictures, vacation pictures.


     Takes about 7-10 working days to deliver your Visa by way of courier, a US visa stamp/sticker will be placed on your passport. It will come in a yellow manila envelope inside will be your visa and another sealed manila envelope. DO NOT OPEN the sealed manila envelope inside your packet it has to stay sealed when you present to the immigration at your US (POE) Port of Entry, they will open it up and use the documents inside to process you. Your visa is good for 6 months your fiancé can travel anytime with in the 6 months arriving before the visa expires in the POE. They will then have 90 days to legally marry or will have to leave the country.

Petitioners Financial ability:

     In a K1 Visa sponsor ship you have to provide prove that you can financially support your new wife. To pass this requirement immigration uses each states poverty level that your income must be above to sustain your fiancée and sponsored children. You provide prove of your income over three years by way of income tax statements and pay stubs that you have filed or received.  For those who do not have income above this level from the previous years income or don't have current employment can provide additional proof off assets such as Real-estate Holdings, Stocks, Bonds. A percentage of those holdings will be considered. See link for current income level require by state. You can also get a co sponsor with more income say a family member or dear friend that is willing to cosponsor or be responsible financially for the individual under a green card.

IMBRA Requirement


     Is a us government law IMBR (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005) The IMBRA law requires k-1 visa applicants to disclose on their application how they meet their fiancé if through a marriage broker specified under the IMBRA act. See details of IMBRA put wiki here . Make sure that you put down the circumstances that you meet as you are signing under the penalties of perjury when you sign your forms. Please read the IMBRA.     You are required to disclose if you have been convicted of a crime. Such as but not limited to domestic violence, assault, sexual assault, child abuse and neglect, dating violence, stalking, rape, abusive sexual contact, sexual exploitation, incest, torture, trafficking, homicide, murder, manslaughter, holding hostage, involuntary servitude, slave trade, kidnapping, elder abuse, abduction, elder abuse, unlawful criminal restraint, and false imprisonment.

     Legal Declaimer: Any information contained on this website with in is not intended as legal advice and is provided for general information only. Legal advice and questions on legal circumstances should be addressed to an licensed attorney if you have them.


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