interview_greencardThe Interview Process


After your approval with USCIS and clearance by Homeland Security you will be given an interview date by the US Embassy usually two weeks after your approval. This is done in your country of origin, you need to travel to the Embassy for the interview in person. If you have child on a k2 visa you have to have the child present in the interview. The petitioner - US citizen does not have to be present.

Interview - Overview

It is imperative that you bring all the proper documentation to the embassy see a list of the documents that are important to have just in case. On the day of the interview the counselor will let you know if approved or denied. Do not worry the personnel are very nice during this process. Once approved you can check your visa status here http;// will state on there VISA ISSUED. Sign up to get significant details on what you should bring and how the interview flows.

Review Questions

1 How did you meet your Fiancé
2 What does your fiancé do for living
3 When did you meet in person?
4 What are your fiancé's hobbies & interests?
5 When did your fiancé(e) propose?
6 What does your fiancé do for a living?
7 What is your fiancé's salary?
8 Have you ever been to the USA?
9 Have you ever had us visa
10 Was your fiancé married previously?
11 have you meet your fiancé parents
12 Are your fiancé parents alive and what are there names
13 What do your parents think about this engagement?
14 Do you have their approval
15 Does your fiancé have children
16 what are their names
17 has your fiancé meet your children
18 What is your fiancé(e)s birthday?
19 Where was your fiancé(e)born?
20 Does your fiancé(e) have any brothers or sisters?
21 Where do you and your fiancé plan to live in the US?
22 How long have you been corresponding with your fiancé?
23 How did you first correspond
24 How often do you talk with your fiancé
25 Has there been any wedding plans to date
26 Describe what plans you have made for your wedding
27 Is there a date set.
28 Did you have an engagement party?
29 How much time has you and your fiancé(e) spent together?
30 How long has your fiancé lived at their current address?
31 Do you have pictures of you and your fiancé together
32 What are your fiancé(e)’s hobbies and interests?
33 What color is your fiancé(e)'s car?
34 What are your hobbies and interests?
35 Have you meet your fiancé brother and sisters
36 How long have you been corresponding with your fiancé(e)?
37 How much did your fiancé spend on their last trip to see you?
38 What is your fiancé(e)’s religious background?
39 Has your fiancé ever been convicted of a crime?
40  How do you spell your fiancé's last name?
41 Do you and your fiancé have plans to have children in the future
42 Does your fiancé(e) speak and understand your language?
43 Are you a terrorist?
44 How many days a week does your fiancé(e) work?
45 What was the last gift your fiancé got you?
46 What kinds of things do you enjoy doing together?
47 Are you planning to have children?
48 Do you have your fiancé Email address?
49 What does his father do?
50 What does his father do?
51 How many times have you been married?
52 Who proposed, you or your fiancé?
53 What do you and your fiancé have in common?
54 What movies have you seen together
55 What is your fiancé's favorite movie/musical
56 How many children does your fiancé have
57 Your fiancés children's names
58 How old are your fiancé(e)'s children?
59 How old is your fiancé?
60 What color are your fiancé's eyes?
61 Do you have any relatives in the USA?
62 Where and when was your fiancé born?
63 Does your fiancé have any pets/What are their names?
64 What is your fiancé favorite food
65 What is your fiancé favorite sport / activity
66 What is your fiancé favorite color
67 What is your fiancé nickname
68 Does your fiancé where glasses
69 Does your fiancé drive
70 when was the last time your fiancé visited you
71 How long did your fiancé stay
72 What month did they visit you last