Directions CR! Spousal Visa Prep

Use this CR1 Spousal  visa checklist to prepare for your CR1 Spousal  visa I-130  filing with the USCIS.. Print o the check list and attach it to your files and check off each item as you complete it. Use this checklist to prepare your successful filing of your CR1 Spousal Visa USA green card petition.



Greencard_checklistYour CR-1 Visa Checklist

US_Visa_Greencard_checklist2Proof of Relationship / Things to do when you visit your Spouse cr1 visa checklist

1   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empKeep your boarding pass and plane both to and from your spouse
2   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empRetain all your receipts hotel - restaurants - cabs - resorts
3   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empTake Wedding pictures, wedding invitation use time stamp on your camera
4   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empTake photos with spouse, yourself and family using time stamp on camera
5   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empTake pictures of you your spouse at landmarks distinguishing country
6   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empShow joint bank account/Bank statement remittance

US_Visa_Greencard_checklist2Your I-130 USCIS Filing

1   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empUSCIS Preparation Checklist
2   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empForm I-130 completed and signed
3   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empForm G-325A (petitioner & alien beneficiary) one for each spouse & each child
4   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empForm G-1145 notice by email
5   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empCover letter (properly formatted)
6   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empAlien Beneficiary copy of Birth Certificate
7   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empCopy of Marriage Certificate
8   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empAffidavit of sworn marriage
9   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empProof of Bonafide Marriage /wedding picture, remittance, chat logs etc.
10 US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empProof of all previous marriages dissolved / ended by divorce decree / Death Certificate
11 US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empCopy of Birth Certificate for Alien beneficiary
12 US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empProof of US Citizenship (copy of Passport / notarized or state seal birth certificate petitioner
13 US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empLegal proof of name change if applicable
14 US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empAny evidence of police & court convictions (certified copies in accordance with IMBRA regulations)
15 US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empFee of $420

US_Visa_Greencard_checklist2Spouse NVC Online 

1   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empds-160 form  NVC
2   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empAffidavit of Support (AOS) and Immigrant Visa (IV)  payment fee
3   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empDs260 / Visa Immigrant application

US_Visa_Greencard_checklist2Petitioner Filing

1   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empAOS- Affidavit of Support / Petitioner File (I-134) Evidence of financial support
2   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empDocuments bar coded sheet
3   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empCompleted signed form I-864 of the Petitioner Passport Photos provide 2 photos must be exactly us passport specifications  Click here for specs
4   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empIRS transcripts for the last 3 years -Petitioner
5   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empForm W2 for the last 3 years
6   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empPay stubs for current year
7   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empEmployment Certificate
8   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empU.S Passport data page Embassy
9   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empPassport style Photo

US_Visa_Greencard_checklist2Beneficiary / Spouse Filing

1   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empPhoto copy of biographic data page (Alien Beneficiary)
2   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empBirth Certificate (Alien Beneficiary )
3   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empMarriage Certificate
4   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empPassport style photo (Alien Beneficiary ) Click here for specs
5   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empNBI ( NATIONAL BUREAU of INVESTIGATION
6   US_Visa_Greencard_checklist_empPolice Clearance ( 6 month stay abroad)


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